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Our side effects are global – providing water in Africa with the Thirst Project, sponsoring children through World Vision, Compassion, and Back 2 Back, and feeding souls through Cru, Intervarsity, and more.

Our Side Effects

We have local side effects by incentivizing employees to serve locally through food pantries, helping local children with ESL, and more.

Giving Back

Portions of Side Effects’ profits go towards our global and local efforts to bring hope and transformation to the world. What will the side effects of your legacy be?

Side Effects

There’s not a more perfect name for our company. In 1996 Bob Westerfield saw a need at Springboro High School – an outdated gym scoring table. Being part of the booster club, he dreamed bigger and raised enough funds and advertisers to give Springboro High School not only a proper scoring table, but an NBA-style scrolling score table that wow-ed the community. Seeing the gratitude and energy it gave the school, businesses, and fans, he realized his project was something every community could experience. So began Side Effects. 20 years, 35 states, over 950 projects in over 700 schools later, communities throughout the US are experiencing the same side effects Springboro High School did so many years before.

Our Side Effects

Our Mission: to develop and nourish relationships within communities while making a difference, serving Christ, and positively affecting people’s lives. Side Effects’ … well … side effects reach far beyond our business plan. We play a very active role in our community, incentivizing employees to volunteer, donating tens of thousands of dollars yearly to service and missions organizations worldwide, partnering schools with the Thirst Project – a predominately high school water-crisis non-profit org seeking to transform communities around the world with clean water, and more. 2011 marked a turning point for Side Effects. We became part of C12, a Christian Leadership Organization seeking to facilitate and equip our company toward excellence and fulfillment in the life that Jesus has called us to lead. Many of our managers attend monthly meetings focusing on:

  • Strategic coaching and leadership
  • Glorifying God through our business practices, prayer, and Biblical application
  • Mental/physical/spiritual refreshment focused on the most important areas of life and business

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